Technology for your 21st Century Classroom​

We at Teachers 'N Tools have 44 years serving as educational software consultants to help you find, learn, and use the right technology solutions for your school.


Services of Teachers 'N Tools, Inc.​

    We offer comprehensive curriculum software, K-12, from companies we’ve deemed the best in the field.
    Our focus is implementing the best software to schools needs.
    One year guarantee of satisfaction on all software.
    Grant information and collaboration.
    Previews of most software titles.
    Software meeting state standards for Special Education, Title I, ESL, ELL needs and many more.
    Bluetooth Technology implementation.
    Customizing software to fit your budget and needs and then implementing it.
    Professional staff development.
    Professional Installation.
    Technology Roundup conferences.
    Assistive technology software.
    We work with consortiums, districts and state departments.


Among our various products are​


    LCD Projectors
    Interactive Whiteboards

    Document Cameras
    Instant Assessment Remotes

    Web and Server Based Software Programs​​



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T: 251-661-7288


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