Better Assessment, Better Learning.

Know if students “got it” before they even step out of the room.

Accelerate Learning with Formative Assessment

Stop waiting days or weeks to know if your students know (or don’t know) critical concepts! Use Naiku to identify student knowledge gaps and address them immediately with informed instruction.

Automatic Scoring

Student assignments are scored automatically for a variety of item types, including T/F, multiple choice, matching, and short answer.

Built-in Reports

Reports are immediately available illustrating class and student performance by standard.

Gradebook Integration

Scores can be directly sent to your gradebook, when you wish.

Instant Student Response

With Quick Question, teachers can check for understanding anytime with real-time polling – no item preparation is required!

Collaborate on Common Assessment

Don’t live on an island – with Naiku, teacher collaboration is fundamental. Naiku makes it easy to work in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and create, share and discuss assessments and outcomes in a secure, professional environment.



Teachers can easily share items and assessments with other teachers from their team, school, district, or Naiku world if they wish.


Likewise, teachers can easily use items and assessments from other teachers by simply searching with appropriate key words.

Common Assessments

Teachers and administrative staff can readily share and review results of common assessments by standard to aid successful PLCs.

Engage with Better Assessment

When a student takes an assessment on Naiku, it isn’t just a bubble sheet replacement – students actually engage with Naiku, internalizing the concepts being taught. Through feedback, the testing experience becomes a learning experience.

Confidence-based Assessment

Students can rate the confidence in their answers while taking the test and provide justification for their answer selections.

Student Reflection

Students can reflect on their answer choices immediately upon receiving their scores and teacher answer rationale while the information is still fresh.

Teacher-Student Feedback

Naiku facilitates continuous, specific, and timely teacher-student feedback. Goal setting, automatic answer rationale, and journaling coupled with standards aligned performance reports enhance teacher-student feedback.

How do I know if Naiku is right for me?

Contact TNT or one of our resellers for a chat or demo to see how Naiku can help you. You can also see what teachers and schools are saying about Naiku.

My school doesn’t have a full 1:1 program.

No problem! Naiku supports webcam and document camera scanning as well for those students that don’t have access to a device.

What about Quick Question?

Quick Question is similar to “classroom response systems” or “clickers.”  Start using it today for free!

Better Assessment?

While Naiku is great for immediate autoscoring of tests, Naiku allows students to go beyond simply ‘filling-in-the-bubble’ to engage the student and provide a deeper understanding of student knowledge.