Time to Upgrade to the Solo 8!


Now is the perfect time to upgrade to the HoverCam Solo 8 – possibly the best document camera ever built – and to retire your obsolete document cameras. By upgrading to the Solo 8, you are putting the most advanced technology into your classroom. For a limited time only, we will give your school a $100 instant rebate for each document camera you trade-in - regardless of brand - towards the purchase of a HoverCam Solo 8. And, when you purchase 10 or more units at once under the Trade-In Program, we will provide you with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost.

How It Works / Terms & Conditions

  • Place your purchase order for the Solo 8 for $249/unit, plus any taxes and shipping charges for the number of units you wish to trade-in.

  • Take your old units and recycle them responsibly at a nearby e-waste center. We suggest you look at taking them to BestBuy.

  • Submit proof of responsible recycling (a receipt listing the units you recycled and a photo of the units will do) to the HoverCam. Email this to sales@teachersntools.com.

  • You must trade in a document camera that is in working condition. The unit traded in may be an older HoverCam or any document camera regardless of brand. If you are trading in older HoverCams, please send them to HoverCam headquarters and we will recycle them for you.

  • The maximum discount applied to any one Solo 8 is $100. For example, turning in 4 old document cameras does not entitle you to a free HoverCam. The final purchase price is $249/unit, plus any taxes or shipping.

  • Trade-in limit: 10 units max.

  • Purchase 10 or more Solo 8s through the Trade-In Program and receive a 5-year warranty at no additional cost.

  • Please call 800-826-4614 with any questions or email sales@teachersntools.com.

  • The offer is valid through September 30, 2014.

Let’s upgrade your classrooms before the start of the new school year!