Introducing the Solo 5


True 5.0 MegaPixel Resolution

Solo 5 delivers 2x the resolution compared to both the highest HD TV resolution (1080P) and our best-selling HoverCam T3. It offers a range of resolutions from 2592x1944 at 15fps to 800x600 at 30fps. This means you get exceptional clarity.

Autofocusing Convenience with Autofocus Lock

Solo 5 incorporates a tiny autofocusing CMOS sensor and lens module. From any angle or distance, your images become instantly clear. With autofocus and AF Lock, blurry images are a thing of the past.

Double the Speed

Solo 5’s onboard image processing chip delivers MJPEG compressed video to PC or Mac at the fastest speed in its class. It displays full 5MP resolution without cropping at 15 frames per second (fps). This reduces blurriness so that students can concentrate on learning while teachers can deliver distraction-free lessons.

Zoom From A3 to a Quarter

Position the camera from 17.7” to 1.4” above the surface to achieve 12x mechanical zoom. Combined with the 16x digital zoom, the Solo 5 has an amazing 192x effective magnification. This amazing zoom ability allows you to see the tiny details on a quarter, which are virtually undetectable to the human eye, to be clearly shown on screen. When zoomed out, you can display a single A3, i.e., two U.S. Letter-sized pages side by side.